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U.S. Consumers Favor Home-Grown Products, According to Worldcom PR Group Survey

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Autos and consumer electronics maintain highest confidence level among foreign-made products 


NEW YORK, NY (November 27, 2007) – Tipping their hands on the eve of another holiday shopping season, approximately 80 percent of adult Americans believe that products made in the United States are safer and of better quality than those manufactured overseas, according to a poll released today by a global consortium of public relations professionals specializing in the consumer products industry. 


Four out of five (79 percent) Americans aged 18 and over believe that products made in the USA are usually safer, and 76 percent agreed that the products are of generally better quality, than products built elsewhere.  This according to a phone survey conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media and commissioned by the Consumer Practice Group of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading network of independently owned public relations counseling firms.


“This year has seen a number of high-profile product recalls impacting everything from pet food to children’s toys, and it is important for manufacturers and retailers to understand how this may have impacted the beliefs and buying behaviors of the American public,” said Brian Bloom, chair of the Consumer Practice Group and vice president of Cleveland-based public relations firm Liggett Stashower.  “This high level of consumer confidence in American-made products could prove to be very beneficial for domestic businesses.”


The Worldcom poll shows that Americans seem guarded when making purchasing decisions about non-USA made products.  Six in 10 (59 percent) respondents felt that toys manufactured in other countries are not regulated adequately for safety.  However, about eight in 10 (82 percent) people felt that the recalls will not stop Americans from buying foreign-made products, at least temporarily.


Thirty-nine percent of Americans believe the U.S. government should be responsible for regulating the safety of products brought into the country, while 33 percent say the onus should fall on the manufacturer. 


So, which foreign-made products do Americans think are generally regulated for safety enough to be sold in the United States?  Automobiles, which came in at an overwhelming 83 percent, and consumer electronics, which are regarded by 80 percent of respondents, are considered safe buys. 


But the question is, will consumers be buying?  When asked how comfortable respondents were with their current state of their personal finances, 71 percent felt “very” or “somewhat” comfortable and just 27 percent felt uncomfortable.  However, only 12 percent felt this is a good time to buy items they want and need.  Forty-seven percent felt someplace in-between and 38 percent think this would be a good time to wait on those purchases.



Findings cited in this release are from a national random digit dial (RDD) telephone survey of 1,009 adults, over the age of18, in the contiguous United States. All interviews were conducted from November 16-18, 2007. Findings for the total sample are in line with the American adult population within a +/-3 margin of error, on average, at the 95 percent confidence level.  The survey was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media on behalf of The Worldcom Group.


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