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Worldcom PR Group EMEA extends its client support with its first South African partner Lange 360

Brussels, Belgium. 26th April 2011 – Lange 360, one of the most influential PR and communication consultancies in South Africa, has been elected as the new partner of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading network of independently owned public relations counseling firms.


“Lange 360 has joined the Worldcom PR Group because the ‘new normal’ in communications requires global insights and the global brands we work with will benefit from us being part of a group of like-minded independently owned companies, who service best-of-breed clients across a variety of industries worldwide,” said Ruth Golembo, Managing Director at Lange 360.


Lange 360 has recently joined Worldcom in April, after going through a complete selection process and accomplishing the quality standards required to form part of the network.


“We are very happy to welcome our new partner in South Africa and extend our network’s reach across the EMEA region. Lange’s proven experience in PR will surely guarantee interesting future collaborations,” said Corinna Voss, Worldcom PR Group EMEA Chair.


In the fall, Worldcom EMEA will have its annual meeting in South Africa, where Lange 360 will play a significant role.


These previous years, the Worldcom PR Group has shown significant growth in EMEA with the addition of new partners in Sweden, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and the UK. Lange 360 is the first South African addition to the network.


About Lange 360

Lange 360 is one of the most influential PR and communication consultancies in South Africa. In business for more than 25 years, the agency has established a proven reputation for delivering effective, innovative and strategic PR and communication solutions. The company’s track record spans a diverse range of industries in the consumer, corporate, and financial arenas. Lange 360 has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. For more info on Lange 360, please visit www.lange.co.za.


About Worldcom PR Group

Worldcom Public Relations Group is the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations counseling firms, with some 109 offices in 95 cities worldwide. Established in 1988, it was formed so that the strongest, most capable independent public relations firms could serve national, international and multi-national clients while retaining the flexibility and client-service focus inherent in independent agencies. Through The Worldcom Group, clients have on-demand access to in-depth communications expertise from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the geographic arenas in which they operate. Visit www.worldcomgroup.com for more information.


Worldcom EMEA currently comprises 36 agencies with strong expertise in consumer, healthcare, travel & tourism, technology, energy & environment, financial services, investor relations, public affairs and crisis & issues management. Clients include Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, Sony Ericson, LG Electronics, the EU Anti-Tobacco Campaign, Verbatim and Palm. Visit www.worldcomprgroupemea.com for more information.


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