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Collaboration Will Also Help “Future-Proof” Client Programs

SAN JOSE, CALIF 9/1/10-----McGrath/Power Public Relations and Communications and renown futurist David Houle have partnered to assist the agency’s clients in aligning the communications process with future socio-economic trends and provide a new voice to articulate the impact of Houle’s “Shift Age” on the public relations profession.

McGrath/Power, founded in 1983, is one of the country’s most established technology, consumer and B2B communications agencies serving innovative starts ups and Fortune 1000 brands.  The Agency’s partnership with Houle will help clients “future-proof” communications program and examine how forthcoming macro changes will affect their businesses.

“For the past 27 years, we have helped our clients transform the way they communicate,” said Jonathan Bloom, McGrath/Power CEO.  “By partnering with David, we can take our counsel to a new level while also examining how forthcoming societal and communications changes will impact our profession.  We are excited about what the future holds for our agency, our clients and our profession.”

Houle is often called the “CEO’s futurist,” having spoken to or personally advised over 1,200 CEOs since 2007.  He also has first-hand experience in communications, having spent more than 20 years in media and entertainment, at NBC, CBS and as part of the senior executive team that launched MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News. He has won two Emmys, the prestigious George Foster Peabody award and was nominated for an Academy Award.

According to Houle (www.davidhoule.comwww.evolutionshift.com & www.oprah.com/davidhoule  ), we have entered The Transformation Decade marking the first 10 years of the Shift Age. This new age has already launched incredible change and almost everything is in a state of shift including communications. Houle forecasts and McGrath/Power concurs that the Transformation Decade will be one of the most dynamic and challenging decades facing global businesses along with corporate and interpersonal communications.

Consider just a few observations on the impact of the Transformation Decade:
• Humanity’s relationship to communication technology is rapidly changing and will bring on-going transformation socially, culturally and economically.
• Media has/will continue to permanently change.  We are now watching the live deconstruction of traditional media as we knew it.
• The Internet and our rapid fire use of mobile digital devices to access information has created a pulsing, synaptic place of unprecedented interactivity on a global scale.  This “Neurosphere” is transforming us today and may be the technological model for a new level of human consciousness in 10-20 years.

“The opportunity to work with Jon and McGrath/Power is a dynamic one,” said Houle.  “We share common ground and the agency ‘gets it’ relative to what the future holds.  There is no doubt that businesses and the business of communication is changing and will continue go through a dramatic metamorphosis.  The impact of that is what our collaboration will focus upon.”

 McGrath/Power Public Relations is a national communications firm specializing in high technology, consumer and business to business clients. The firm, a partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group, works with companies of all sizes and has assisted numerous industry leaders in transforming the way they communication to support business goals including TiVo, RSA Security, EarthLink, Reebok, Burgerville, McAfee and Vodafone.